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Mustapha Mohammed

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Meet the program director, Mustapha Mohammed  


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Our Vision

To be the reliable and reputable media organization that broadcasts accurate, reliable and all inclusive news and programmes that adds value and virtue to life of its audience without compromising standard, norms and values.


The objectives set out by the State Government immediately the Station became State-owned in 1979 were spelled out as follows:-

(a) To give the widest publicity to government plans and obtain a response to the authority on problems and Aspirations of the diverse people.

 (b) To uphold our societal norms and values through news and programmes that would influence societal values, and in so doing, improve and strengthen the Social, Cultural, Economic, Political, and Technological fabric of the society.

(c) To improve the unity among the diverse people of the state in particular and the country in general by emphasizing on the common stock of experience, customs, values, and belief to develop a sense of unity by encouraging knowledge and promoting unfamiliar ways of life and customs.

(d)     To serve as a medium of imparting skills, ideas, and experiences that are of value to society.

(e) To create a forum for debating on objectives and goals of the society and analyze existing governmental institutions.

(f) To awaken the consciousness of the people to their environment and to foster the spirit of hard work and high Productivity with a view to increasing the nation’s wealth and the quality of its manpower.

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